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Customise your own Team Trips Package

Team Trips are here to make your life, as the organiser of this year’s team trip, EASY! If you haven’t quite found a package that suits your group hit us up for a personalised package built specially for you and your crew. Want to add some more adventure, more party options or extra meals, no problem! We can combine activities to mix and match your way to a perfect event from a HUGE catalogue of activities!

It’s your end of season, make this year count by being bigger and better than last year! Fill out the form below for a personalised package.Here at Team Trips we recognise that every group is different! That is why we offer our popular BYO (build your own) group packages. We’ve worked hard to create a huge database of varied team activities to choose from.

With that comes endless possibilities and endless package options. We’ve done our best to create the best value packages for each destination but if you like one part of a package and two parts of another, no problem! Our expert party planners can combine any number of activities to suit your group and your budget. Add a bar tab or remove a transfer from a pre-existing package or build your own from the ground up.

Whatever you choose, our party planners have the skills to execute it. We take pride in the fact that we are committed to offering a service tailor-made to suit each Team Trips group. Fill out the form below for a personalised group package.

Fill out the form below and we will call you back with a quote.