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What to consider when choosing your Team Trips Destination

1. Budget

Setting a budget will play a critical role in understanding what destinations will be suitable for your team trip. You want to make sure your budget is spread evenly across your travel, accommodation, and activities. Is your team a group of luxury travellers or more on the budget friendly side? What kind of accommodation do you want to stay in? Sufficient planning before making decisions is going to make for the best possible team trip.

2. Travel Experiences

It’s important to remember you are crafting the ultimate team trip adventure for you and your group. Taking into consideration what group activities that each location has to offer will give you a better idea of where you want to go for your team trip. If you are wanting to know what activities are going to be best for you and your group get in touch with our team trip planners for some expert advice.

3. Time Frame

Are you tossing up over how long you want to go away for on your group getaway? The amount of time you have available should be considered when it comes to choosing your destination. You don’t want to spend more time travelling than having fun right? Plan smart, consider all your options and allow yourself enough time to fit everything in that you are wanting to do to make this a group trip of a lifetime.

4. When to go

What kind of weather suits your party requirements? Do you want something more warm and sunny or maybe you enjoy colder weather? Naturally, your preferred weather is going to help narrow down your possible group trip destination options. Take into consideration peak seasons, public holidays and school holiday times as these will come with higher travel prices. Maybe travelling in a quieter season might be the best way to get the most out of your budget. If you travel in an off-peak time you are more likely to avoid crowds.

5. Who you are travelling with

Taking into consideration the size of your group when choosing your destination might make certain places and experiences more practical than others. What destination is going to be most enjoyable for all of the group? No one wants anyone feeling left out or strung out for money, so getting the balance right is key. If you need recommendations our expert team trip planners will gladly provide you with further information on what might be most suitable for everyone.

6. Transport Options

The most suitable transport options for your group trip is going to change with each location. Considering how far you need to travel is going to give you an idea of what is required. Do you need flights? Bus? Boat? Taxi? Transfers? It could be what you base part of your decision on because you want to ensure your travel time is less then the time you will spend bonding with your group. Not to mention keeping your transport costs as low as possible will ensure that you have more money to spend where it counts.



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