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Mad Monday Costume Theme Ideas

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Top 5 Mad Monday Costume Themes

70s, 80s, 90s Party Themes: – There is nothing better then turning back the clock few years dressing up as your favorite rockstars like Kiss or John Travolter out of Greece. You and your footy team will be the centre of attention everywhere you on go on your footy trip turning heads for photos.

Mario Party Theme: – Get the boys away for a Mushroom Cup themed weekend style of Mad Monday activities and antics to celebrate the season’s acvhievements. Choose from either Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Toadette, Birdo, Toadsworth, Captain Toad, Pauline, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Koopalings, Kamek, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, King Boo + many more Mario Characters to choose from.

Fireman Party Theme: – You can’t go wrong with a mens fireman costume for your Mad Monday Footy Trip! Turn heads with funny, bizzare, female and male fire fighter costumes with accessories available aswell. Bust open the fireman shirt, with some fake grease on your face and don your fire hose for a big night out!

Superheros Party Theme: – Why not spend the weekend pretending you have super powers beyond those of normal people! Spend your Mad Monday as a Superhero and your team can make help the world become a better place by protcting the public and fighting crime! Well… you don’t actually have to but you can create some great games to ensure the piss is taken of every person for the day!

Simpsons Party Theme:Β –Β  Who hasn’t enjoyed a Simpson’s Themed Mad Monday party before? If you haven’t tried this before you definetly need this one at the top of the list. You will have people in stiches and you will have a crowd of paparazzi following you everywhere. Being bright yellow Simpsons Characters such as: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Krusty The Clown or Itchy and Scratchy to name a few.

Mad Monday Costumes

Team Trips + Your Mad Monday + Costume Collection = Sorted !!

The friendly group bookings team are proffesional event planners who leave no stone unturned when planning your footy trip, afl trip, soccer trip, netball trip, basketball trip, cricket trip and more… which includes your Mad Monday costumes! With our exclusive Mad Monday Costume suppliers we are able to provide your team with the best Mad Monday costumes at affordable prices. Wether you want funny Mad Monday costumes, specific Mad Monday theme costumes, easy mad monday costumes or ridiculus/embarrasing Mad Monday costumes we have you sorted.

Mad Monday is the ultimate day to dressup and let the boys celebrate the team performances throughout the year and hard work commited to training weekly. Rewarding your sports team with a Mad Monday increases team morale and creates strong bonds between team mates. Next time you are looking for a Mad Monday outfit think about out Team Trip Costumes available for sports teams.

Enquire about Mad Monday Costumes

Get in touch with the group party planners at Team Trips when reserving your end of season Mad Monday trip to organise your Mad Monday Costumes. Save overall on costs buy getting bulk costumes to fit-out the whole team with perfect kit. You won’t have to worried about loosing someone with some head turning costumes like what we have instore. Basically anything you can think of we have it when it comes to costume themes.

Tropical Mad Monday Destinations

Use this opportunity to head to some of Australia’s most tropical destinations for a truly unforgettable Mad Monday experience. Choose from our destinations offering a beachside tropical experience: Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Cairn’s, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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History of Mad Monday Tradition

After a gruelling season it’s finally time to let off some steam with your team mates. A weekend of celebrations usually ensue involving drinking, challenges, games, and who could forget…the crazy costumes!

The day of course falls on a Monday as the celebrations continue after a dusty weekend (but you celebrate it on any day). Mad Monday has been a long running tradition with sports teams as a way to celebrate new members first year as well as any other “firsts” for team mates. This can apply for ‘first goals’, ‘first injury’ and any outside game “firsts” that the team decides on.

It’s an interesting day of bonding, looking after mates that peak too early, and getting to hang with the older players. Although the tradition has come under fire due to some people taking it too far, Mad Monday can also apply to overseas trips, casual dinners or a simple night out with the team. But what really makes it ‘Mad Monday’ is the crazy costumes and outfits. You can still be responsible (some-what) and wear a kick-ass costume!

Head out on the Monday as a shark, an avenger, a big baby…you name it we can find it for you! They’ll be plenty of laughs and photo opportunities with these costumes. We reckon it doesn’t need to be Halloween to break out some creative style. And there’s no better way of kickstarting your Mad Monday weekend than a striking outfit!

So what exactly is Mad Monday? An end of season celebration full of drinking, challenges and looking pretty fly in some crazy costumes and outfits. Our tip? NEVER skimp on the costume. Poor effort in the wardrobe department will cost you!

Challenge yourself to find the most outrageous style, wear it with confidence, and you’re a walking conversation starter. Or, get your team to rock a theme as a group, and live it up like the legends that you are!

Here at Team Trips we’ve made the option of booking a trip and getting a costume in one easy option. No need to search multiple sites when we can instead do it for you! Whether you’re after something hilarious to get the group laughing or maybe something more on theme to your team colours we can find it for you.

Turn your Team Trip into one to remember with a great costume and a great trip away with your teammates. You can’t lose with an option like that!

Now that you’ve got your costumes sorted, let’s talk accommodation and activities. Contact one of our amazing travel consultants today and organise your chosen locations and dates.

Let’s go bigger and better than last year! Get your quick and easy quote now.


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This year Team Trips helped us celebrate an epic end of season footy trip to the Gold coast. I can’t rate them highly enough and their support throughout the year was incredible. We can’t wait for our 2019 end of season trip with Team Trips!! Thank you again Kylie and Team Trips for all your hard work!

- Maegan H

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