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Tayela Petterwood

09 Mar, 2021, 3:36 pm


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There is something pretty special about the start of a new season, right? You’ve got an entire year with your teammates to look forward to and there is a sense of enthusiasm and excitement that you simply won’t find anywhere else. But the pre-season lead up isn’t just a time to celebrate being back together with the gang, it’s also an opportunity to set your sights on an even bigger year to follow. Make the most of this time with a pre-season soccer camp. There are so many benefits to heading away on a camp before knuckling down for the season, and we can guarantee that you’ll simply thrive! 


Benefits of a Pre-Season Soccer Camp 

  •  Improves soccer skills

It’s no surprise that the main goal of every pre-season soccer camp is to establish, develop and improve the skills that will carry you through your sporting career. Whether you’re still in your early days, or you’ve been playing since you could work, every Team Trips Pre-Season soccer camp is designed to take you to the next level. We continually receive feedback from our campers that they return home fitter, stronger and better than ever. Ensuring these camps coincide with the commencement of the season means you’ll start the year off on your very best foot. 


  •  Build lifelong connections

Like many team sports, soccer isn’t just about having the skills. It’s about being a part of the team and learning how to play with each other. Being away with your fellow players enhances a whole new world of team spirit and friendships – connections that can last a lifetime.  That doesn’t just apply to the players in your team. Team Trips attracts soccer players from across the globe, which gives you the opportunity to play, train, eat and socialise with people from all corners of the world. This mixed environment means you’re likely to pick up tips and tricks that you never would have considered before too! 


  • Develop confidence and responsibility 

There is no better way to build confidence than to receive direct feedback on your skills from some of the best coaches, trainers and players in the world. You’ll receive real-time feedback, video playback and ongoing status reports that track just how much you improve during your camp. With a busy daily routine, our pre-season soccer camps are also a great way to develop your time-management skills and self-discipline. This sense of responsibility carries over into your soccer career, ensuring you’ve got the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself. 


  • Understand the importance of health and wellbeing

Playing, training and competing at pre-season soccer camps is one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain a new appreciation for your health and wellbeing. Team Trips works in conjunction with soccer-specific health professionals to ensure you have a healthy and balanced diet to compliment your daily schedule. Your camp also includes healthy diet and exercise training sessions, which are a great opportunity to learn about the connection between health and wellbeing choices, and athletic performance. These are all easy and super effective practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine when you return home. 


  • It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

It goes without saying that your Team Trips pre-season soccer camp is going to be the adventure of a lifetime! What could be better than heading off on a camp, where you can live and breathe soccer!? 


Team Trips Pre-Season Soccer Camps 

The Team Tips pre-season soccer camps provide the chance to meet your sporting idols and make life-long friends, all while playing the sport that we all love so much. Our innovative program covers all facets of soccer and is designed to improve your skills and maximise enjoyment. 

When you head away for one of these camps, you’ll be joined by a bunch of specialists that cover all aspects of the game. You’ll cover all the fundamental skills, as well as specialist days that cover goalkeeping and strikers skills. Additionally, players will also have the option in the future to partake in more specialist days that focus on being in a specific position – for example, attacking midfield play day.  

Every camp is an opportunity to make the most of the fantastic facilities that Team Trips is partnered with and build connections with the experienced and talented panels of coaches. These quality facilities are partnered with state-of-the-art technologies, such as video analysis, and digital video coaching software. During the breaks, coaches also run fun and engaging team building activities to help foster a competitive yet supportive environment. You can also expect plenty of mini-galas throughout the event, with prizes for the top soccer players and teams at the end of the pre-season soccer camp. 


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