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Tayela Petterwood

10 Nov, 2020, 12:52 pm


end of season netball

It’s almost inevitable. You’re sitting at the last game of the season, and someone will mention the burning desire to get away, relax and unwind. They want to head to the hinterland, the coastline, a big city – anywhere that gives them the opportunity to celebrate the end of the season and spend time with their teammates off the court. 

Travelling as a team will take your bonds to a whole new level, bring about plenty of laughs and produce enough memories to last a lifetime. Some teams make it a tradition to head to the same place every year, but if you’re looking to discover somewhere new, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite destinations for your end of season netball trip. 


  1. The Gold Coast 

netball team trip destination gold coast

Known for its year-round sunny weather and iconic stretch of coastline, the Gold Coast is an absolute winner for everyone. Not only does this growing city have enough waterways to rival Venice, but it’s also got plenty of activities and attractions to suit people from all walks of life too. 

One of the biggest draw-cards for the Gold Coast is the incredible nightlife. It seems like there is a new bar, restaurant, club or live music venue popping up every day of the week, and we seriously cannot get enough. The Gold Coast is also home to the iconic Star Casino, which is a great place to head if you’re looking to try your hand at blackjack or indulge in a delicious espresso martini at the Garden Bar. 

Beyond the beaches and nightlife, the Gold Coast is also home to world-class theme parks, fantastic shopping, plenty of gourmet cafes and enough scenic walking tracks to keep your step count up. It’s a small city with the heart of a large town, and it’s the perfect place to head if you’re looking for the ultimate holiday vibe. 


  1. Melbourne 

melbourne team trip destination netball

Everyone knows that Melbourne is Australia’s unofficial capital of entertainment. This southern hub is a multi-cultural mecca, brimming with all kinds of interesting, quirky and world-class offers. 

Throughout the city and along the riverfront, you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs. These popular venues all offer a seemingly endless range of craft beer, as well as local and imported wines. After you’ve drunk more than your fair share, the dance-floors are known to keep pumping until the early hours of the morning, so you’ll have plenty of time to cut shapes. 


  1. Airlie Beach 

netball team trip destination airlie beach

Airlie Beach is a popular destination among Aussies and international travellers alike, with most people using this northern Queensland destination as a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The waterfront regional hub is a place to relax, meet the tropical wildlife, embrace the idyllic weather and capture plenty of snaps for your Instagram feed. 

If you can drag yourself away from the water, there are also plenty of lush surrounding rainforests to explore. These green wonderlands are brimming with native flora and fauna, and there are several walking tracks for those looking to get a sweat on. 


  1. Brisbane 

netball team trip destination brisbane

Brisbane has long lived in the shadows of its more well-known counterparts, Melbourne and Sydney. But now, the capital of Queensland is coming into its own and gaining the attention it deserves. During the day, there are plenty of museums, galleries and exhibitions to discover, as well as a never-ending list of restaurants, cafes and food markets that offer world-class food. 

Once the sun goes down, this city truly comes alive. There are clubs, bars and live music venues pumping every single night of the week, and many of these places offer themed nights or special events too. The locals don’t call it Brisvegas for nothing! 


  1. Cairns 

netball team trip destination airlie beach

There is really only one word to describe Cairns: spectacular! This tropical regional city is the 4th most popular destination in Australia, attracting people from all corners of the globe. Like Airlie Beach, Cairns is another popular place to reach the Great Barrier Reef, and there are charter boats leaving from the mainland all day, every day. There is also the casino, bars and plenty of restaurants along the water that are great for a late-night cap or a d-floor boogie.


  1. More

netball team trip destinations

Okay, we tried, but we seriously couldn’t stop the list at just five destinations for your netball team trip. We’re practically royalty when it comes to organising an epic end of season getaway, which means we’ve got plenty of ideas that we seriously cannot wait to share with you. Keen to hear more? Simply contact our friendly team, and we’ll get the ball rolling today.

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